The Educators' Lounge is a new division of The Jigsaw Company where our Founder and Director, Rebecca Daniel, coaches, mentors and supports aspiring, trainee  and newly qualified educators such as teachers, lecturers and trainers through our diverse coaching, mentoring and accountability programmes.

We understand the struggles educators face in the teaching profession. We are passionate about tackling the astronomical number of educators leaving the profession and motivated to entice those who are considering starting their career in teaching to take the leap by coaching, mentoring and supporting them along the way.




3 month online group coaching, mentoring and accountability programme for education professionals.




3 month 1:2:1 online coaching, mentoring and accountability programme for education professionals.

ONLINE 1:2:1



3, 6, 9 month coaching, mentoring, training and accountability packages available for education professionals. 



3, 6, 9 or 12 month coaching, mentoring, training and accountability retainer packages available for educational organisations e.g. schools, multi-academy trusts, colleges, teacher training providers etc.

Want to know more?

The Educators' Lounge offers coaching programmes to help educators thrive in their careers, create sustainable change and impact and live a fulfilled life.


All coaching services are created, planned and delivered by our founder and director, Rebecca Daniel. 


Rebecca is a fully qualified and internationally accredited Transformation Coach. After a twelve year career in education Rebecca is passionate about helping other educators to identify their wants and needs, unlocking their values and beliefs and helping them to set clear and actionable goals. 

The most important part of Rebecca's role is helping educators to establish how to achieve their goals and keeping them accountable so they take action. Action = Results.

If you are ready to make transformational changes in your life, check out the programme information below.

Focus: Coaching, Mentoring and Accountability
•    Fortnightly Coaching Sessions
•    Weekly Accountability

Topics (but not limited to): 
•    Who am I?
•    Wants versus Needs
•    Setting Boundaries
•    Strategic Planning
•    The Power of Saying “No”
•    Relationships
•    Taking Risks
•    Self-Care
•    Work/Life Balance

Impact (but not limited to): 
•    Clarify long, medium and short term goals.
•    Understand identity: values and beliefs
•    Tackle fears and reframe situations.
•    Build confidence and self-esteem.
•    Release un-useful emotions

•    Gain fresh perspectives on personal/professional challenges.

•    Overcome stress and anxiety.
•    Increase productivity and job satisfaction.
•    Improve personal and professional relationships.
•    Fulfilment and enjoyment – family, friends and self-care.